The BecomeBecome Collective

Sanja serves as founding member and Head of Strategy for the international arts non-profit BecomeBecome.

She deals with institutions, artists and researchers and is responsible for charting out and implementing programs that create a transdisciplinary, process-based experience around art making.

BecomeBecome has its main research hub in the vibrant city of Barcelona, occupying a loft space in the city's industrial arts area Poblenou, while maintaining activities and partners in different countries and continents. The organization serves a threefold purpose by providing a trans-disciplinary project incubator, establishing a participant-driven learning model that can be continued and replicated after the event, and transcending differences between social actors and participants by inviting them to converge outside of their conventional spheres of influence. It proposes a unique vision of holistic cybernetics that encourages organizers, artists and local contributors to participate in a horizontal and open process of elevating each other's work.

Leaving behind the paradigm of subject-oriented and passive knowledge exchange, BecomeBecome creates a shift from the competitive to a collaborative education model that promotes a process of crowd-sourcing for information, ideas and initiatives. 

Programs include dynamic nomadic residencies that support the artist's vision and agency over their art, as well as process-exhibits in unique institutions and organizations that engage local communities. 

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