Artist Statement

Sanja's work draws on notions of the dream space, exploring connections between future and past by inviting viewers to step into uniquely associative narratives. She frequently works with light, still image, projection, sound and video to evoke ephemeral spaces where once-ordinary scenes and objects become portals to imagined-real worlds. The themes of ancestry, storytelling, passage of time and personal myth prominently figure in her work, along with the individual’s search for meaning.

In line with her commitment to transdisciplinarity and processes that refuse to be contained by conceptual boundaries, Sanja’s pieces often draw inspiration from the world of theater and fine arts simultaneously, inviting viewers to step into the intuitive power of art making and encounter its force to move the inner world.

Sanja Hurem is a German artist of Bosnian origin based in Barcelona. She frequently works across different cities including London and Berlin, while serving as Head of Strategy for a nomadic residency and exhibition program that connects institutions and individuals from transdisciplinary backgrounds.